who we are

About Us

We are a nonprofit serving the Philadelphia region since 2007.

Our goal now is to work with the parents of young people in crisis, and crisis care workers. We are pivoting our focus on the adults, as we have worked with the children for over 15 years, and they all express a desire for reconcilaition in their own homes with their parents. We have also found that there is a stigma associated with getting “help” as a crisis care worker. Many feel their jobs are at risk if they admit poor mental health.


NBHWC Certified


Community Based

What we Do

Our primary causes

Learn how you can make a change today. We help the people of Philly grow and change for the better. We are always working with the local community and finding ways for better change!

What we do

We find campaigns for community members in need. We also offer Health and Nutrision coaching to change an unhealthy lifestyle.

how we do it

Our team is the most loving, caring, and accepting team out there, hence our name “Love, Loving, Love” we are all about one thing, LOVE! Don’t hesitate to reach out and find a way you can help in our community care.