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We are a nonprofit serving the Philadelphia region since 2007.

Our goal now is to work with the parents of young people in crisis, and crisis care workers. We are pivoting our focus on the adults, as we have worked with the children for over 15 years, and they all express a desire for reconcilaition in their own homes with their parents. We have also found that there is a stigma associated with getting “help” as a crisis care worker. Many feel their jobs are at risk if they admit poor mental health.

Health Consultation

The National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaching community is composed of trained, educated coaches, who are passionate about working with patients and clients for better health outcomes. 

Adopt A Block

To select a West Philadelphia, city block in crisis and focus community services to the residents of that block for a year. Our goal is to improve the quality of life on the block, with love and by addressing the seven areas of health for the residents.

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