Our Cause


LoveLovingLove Inc. is working to build an Earthship in West Philadelphia. The Earthship will be used as office space , food distribution, and our our DeEscalation Room to reduce violence in the community. Donate Today! https://earthshipbiotecture.com/philadelphia/ 

LoveLovingLove Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity that was established in 2007, in response to the rise of violence in and around Philadelphia public high schools. Moved to action, our team of doctors and health coaches created the De Escalation Room; a healing space that strategically uses successful wellness techniques to create loving environments in public places. The room addresses the needs of an individual behaving violently as a result of persistent stress and personal trauma. Traditionally, an individual is punished for their violent attacks and stress triggered outbursts on their peers. The cause of the behavior is often, overlooked or untreated, and the negative behavior is repeated, in most cases, with escalation and more voracity than before. This “escalation” results in violent environments where no one feels safe.

Our team recognizes the needs for a healthy individual to be sevenfold: physical, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, environmental, social, and emotional. Our room addresses all seven of these components using over 50 years of combined team experience, consulting physicians, and loving caregivers, to offer an integrative and holistic healing experience that benefits the entire building. Our ultimate goal is restoring health and purpose to all who visit the room. Our extended services offer one on one health coaching for parents struggling with their violent children, group health coaching for employees working in high stress environments, and consulting to juvenile residential facilities.

Our 9 years of experience recreating the DeEscalation Room has shown us that in order to have the greatest impact and longest lasting results with juveniles, our team requires a full- service year or (181 schools days). We have had success with all of our rooms, measured in: decline in violent behavior in class, antisocial behavior, hitting adults, cursing, group disruptions, running away, and risky sexual behavior. We saw an incline in: consumption of healthy foods provided over non-healthy alternatives, group participation, completion of assignments, manners and remorse. We have served many ages groups for various lengths of time in many places including police stations, schools, shelters, and juvenile facilities; with the juveniles, trust building is delicate and takes more time; we have found a full school year to be the “sweet spot”. Our team is uniquely positioned to serve our current target market of juveniles as we are comprised of: residential advisors, social workers, correction officers, police officers, health coaches, civil rights activists, drug and alcohol counselors, juvenile detention facility mentors who consult regularly with our dietitians, nutritionists, school nurses, and doctors.