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Accountability School of District of Philadelphia

The School District of Philadelphia has approximately 180,000 students in over 270 public schools. In many of these schools there has been a troubling amount of violence, truancy, low academic performance, and sexual transmitted diseases.

Philosophies Encouragement

These schools are literally comprised of neighbors. Most of the students have known each other all of their lives. Many of them are related or will see one another everyday outside of school. Yet the viciousness in which they deal with each other and the community is unnerving. Moved to action, LoveLovingLove Inc. has done a significant amount of research in to the philosophies that encourage wellness.

LoveLovingLove Inc. DeEscalation

Based on that research we have designed the LoveLovingLove Inc. DeEscalation Room for the Philadelphia public schools. This room has dual purpose. It was created to improve quality of life and academic performance.

Holistic Nutrition

Each aspect of the room has been carefully and deliberately designed to synchronize the elements of holistic nutrition. We believe that negative behavior is a result of eating poorly, harnessing negative emotions, stress, depression and lack of purpose.

Holistic Health Education

We feel that the music therapy and holistic health education is a viable solution to some of our most pressing issues in the schools. Our teens are well on their way to becoming adults in our society. It is our hope that we can change some of their behaviors, and help fashion better lifestyle choices.