DeEscalation Room
                                                                           We come to your location
                We offer massage therapy, music assisted health coaching, and acupuncture for addiction, for adults. We
serve schools and other facilities by building and staffing an entire room with calming qualities to promote peace, relaxation, and mental clarity. We serve individuals with six month and 12 month health coaching sessions. Schedule your 50 minute health consultation, or facility evaluation BELOW. 
                  Anger DeEscalation
There are many ways to increase blood flow, which is natural healing. We increase blood flow, use breathing techniques, earplugs and nutrition to combat anger.
     Purpose Wheel Career Exploration
Provide students an opportunity to explore different career paths. 
                  Nutritional Support
We practice “Food and Mood” theories and use nutritional superfoods for optimal health and water for hydration.
    One on One Health Coaching Sessions
Six month and 12 month plans available . *Group Health Coaching is also now available.
 Health Consultation/ Facility Evaluation
Schedule a 50 minute health consultation for one on health coaching , or have us come out and evaluate your facility, for a DeEscalation room. 

LoveLovingLove Inc
704 Cedar Avenue
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