Earthship Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Earthship project is working build the first Earthship in a major U.S city, and making it the first urban Earthship in America. LoveLovingLove Inc., has partnered with Earthship360, Sustainable Solutions and local laborers to transform vacant land, into an educational facility with the capability of growing between 8,000-12,000 pounds of food, for the residents in a West Philadelphia food desert.

An Earthship is a building operating by these principles:

  • Electricity: from sun and wind.
  • Water: from rain and snow.
  • Sewage:sanitary treatment.
  • Heating & Cooling: from sun and earth.
  • Food: grow inside and outside.
  • Building with Natural and Recycled Materials.


You can also volunteer to be a part of this historical process. Email us at with your area of interest!

  • Raising Awareness
  • Fundraising
  • Architectural Design
  • Media
  • The actual build (labour intensive)

Philadelphia Earthship Embassy

The Earthship will be an Embassy of Sustainability similar to the Educational Facility at Earthship HQ in Taos, New Mexico.  The public can visit, learn, experience, garden, tour, watch movies, attend lectures, and attend the Earthship Academy to learn to build these homes.


10 Replies to “Earthship Philadelphia”

  1. I would love to help with the actual building of the earthship if help is still needed. Let me know how I can help!

  2. I would also like to help with construction.
    What is the timeline for the build?

    Thanks! Let me know how I can help as well!

  3. Was there last weekend lending a hand. It was Great! Can’t wait to start building. We’ll be there next time! This concept changes everything! Hello New Earth. xox.

  4. Congratulations on your eco efforts. I’m retired from the City minority Business Enterprise Council(MBEC) I would like to
    help your organization to go after City and other agency contract for juvenile at risk contracts. Please contact me so I can follow up with you.
    Thanks Hanford 609-864-4756

  5. I was on the first crew of the earth ship people. I lost touch; I guess I got deleted from the email list. Can you add me back on the list? I didn’t realize building had begun again.

  6. Hi Rashida and the LLL family,

    This is your friend from NJ.

    I just got back from attending and completing part 1 (of 3 for my certification) at the Earthship Biotecture Academy in Tao, NM with Mike Reynolds and his team. It was the most amazing experience. I’m on the path now….

    I worked with your team this past summer before attending the academy and would like to continue on the West Philly build to strengthen my knowledge and skills as an Earthship builder/embassador. Give me a call or text me when you can.

    Won’t be able to attend the up coming November 19 lecture in Philly, but keep me posted of other events. Also let me know if I can help in any other way prior to the build.


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