Our Philosophy

Despite how much we feed them; the jails and the grave are never satisfied. As a society we have voraciously filled these places with our most delicate citizens, our children. We agree that children are not fully developed, mind, body, or spirit, yet we treat them as fully capable, matured, healthy adults, when we punish them for their undesirable actions. Using fear as our primary weapon, we have charted for ourselves, a journey that will inevitably have us killing our rebellious and unhealthy youth before they have a chance to grow.
LoveLovingLove Inc. was formed in 2007, with a mission to heal impoverished communities with holistic health education and love. Although love is an intangible thing, unable to be held with the physical hand, its existence and power cannot be denied by every living human as being imperative to our total health. We believe constant negative behavior is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. By its very nature love is healing and is our primary tool that we use when dealing holistically, with our unhealthy youth. Our team is uniquely positioned, as we are comprised of both health care professionals and experts in the juvenile justice system.
We have created a space, we call the DeEscalation Room for youth in public institutions to be treated instead of punished. We call this action Constructive Correction. We have seen miraculous transformations in hundreds of youth that we have served. Traditional punishments for misbehaving and violent youth, are efficient, but come at a heavy price, as perpetually violent offenders are ultimately sent to jail. We desire to break the cycle, by correcting our unhealthy response to children’s negative behavior. Rather than trying to fearfully suppress the behavior in an already health deficient child, we use healthy diet, professional holistic wellness treatment, and love to correct the behavior. Our motto is, “Love Heals All Things”, indeed it is the only thing that makes us human, and the only thing that can drive hate from the hearts of our violent children.