Operation Olive Branch

DSC01255.30272934_stdAs you are undoubtedly aware, the City of Brotherly Love has been plagued by a number of violent incidents in the past few years that have resulted in the death of several members of the Philadelphia Police Department and numerous other officers being injured in the line of duty. At the same time, the incidence rate between the Philadelphia police and members of our community has continued to rise. We believe that as a community we are in part responsible for the health and safety of the police officers that risk their lives to safeguard both our streets and our families. Our belief is rooted in our faith that the Philadelphia Police Department is committed to their own mission statement: To Protect and Serve – something that is not often captured by television and other media channels. LoveLovingLove, Inc. has put its belief into action and commenced “Operation Olive Branch,” a commitment to help strengthen the relationship between the community and the Philadelphia Police Department.

One thought on “Operation Olive Branch

  1. Kat Lopez says:

    This is great idea. I know the police are under a lot of pressure. I can’t imagine going to work everyday and facing what they face. Not knowing if I’ll make it home alive at the end of the day. Seeing the ugliness of ignorant humans hurting other humans will most definitely take it’s toll on the human psychic and that’s what most people do not understand. They are not robots, they are human beings in a very dangerous and stressful job and even though some fall prey to the dark forces of corruption, others stand tall and with honors, to those I salute and thanks. To the others, they need structuring and guidance. This is the higher road, the less traveled one we should all be walking on TOGETHER. bottom line; we are all in this together. One race on one planet.

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